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Involved In Geophysics: Professional Responsibilities

Depending on the specialization (exploration, seismology geophysics and etc.), a geophysicist is responsible for various tasks implementation. Thus, a geophysics specialist can conduct the business in a research laboratory equipped with all the bells and whistles as well as in the field, leaving the comfortable office for site exploration. Geophysicists typically visit deserts, mountains and other unusual and hard to reach places; sometimes they have no other choice but to climb the mountains or cross over wild rivers.

Geophysicists are involved in various natural deposits researches, ore, oil and gas exploration, seismic surveys and even borehole drilling. The arsenal of geophysicists includes myriads of tools for surveying with hydrographic, oceanographic, hydrological, meteorological and geophysical instruments among them. Additionally, due to geophysicists’ efforts the measurements of magnetic, electrical and gravitational fields are conducted. In accordance with the results retrieved they draw crustal structure maps, determine the thickness and composition of the ice sheets as well as the origin of rocks.

Geophysicists are also engaged in seismic studies of the Earth’s crust through artificial creation of explosion or seismic waves; the results are analyzed by computer and the appropriate forecasts are made.

In addition to general knowledge of physics and geography geophysics must be aware of geological and geophysical nuances. The specialists must know how to use professional software, plus they must be able to draw maps. In their work geophysicists apply engineering geology knowledge when it comes to dam , bridges, tunnels and large buildings construction.

A Korean-Japanese Discovers The Way For Massive Graphene Production

A group of researchers from Korea and Japan announced they have found a simple way for industrial scale production of two-dimensional graphene film. The neoteric material is more affordable, transparent and durable in comparison with indium tin oxide (ITO), used as a transparent conductor at the moment. Graphene offers immunity to decay effect and incredible lifetime.

The brand-new material represents a carbon layer of only 1 atom in thickness, where carbon atoms form a hexagonal lattice, which reminds of a bee honeycomb. Graphene film was discovered in 2005 by a group of scientists from the University of Manchester; five years since the discovery, it seems that an acceptable way for massive production has finally been found.

It turns out that the graphene can be stabilised using standard roller technology, utilised in the printing of newspapers or magazines. Thus, the hydrocarbon feedstock is precipitated onto a smooth plate made of copper implemented via electroless deposition reaction; the adhesive polymer coating is applied to the surface. Once that is done, a copper substrate is etched and graphene sheets are glued on resealable plastic sheets or other surfaces.

During the experiment, a group of scientists has managed to create a rectangular sheet with a diagonal of 76 cm. The method also allows applying multiple layers of graphene to get a plastic sheet coated with the material, which can be cut into any size for touchscreen production. According to experts, the commercial production of graphene-based devices may be launched in the next 5-7 years.

However, it is believed touchscreen technology is only the beginning: when graphene is shaped into a cylinder form a nanotube can be produced. Therefore, if the manufacturers find a good method for the industrial production of nanotubes, a breakthrough in electronics production can be achieved, guaranteed by 10 nm transistors, operating at phenomenal frequency.

No-Win No-Fee Investment Fund Shut Down

A far famed investment fund with a charging structure functioning under the ‘no win no fee’ principle was shut down as it fails to win over savers. Established in the first quarter of 2011 by Nigel Legge, a proficient and respectable stock picker, The Vinculum Global Equity faces its last days. An affair started by Legge collided with a major finance issue – the former Liontrust headman, the fund has managed to raise as little as 2.5m in euro. Therefore, an economically non-viable enterprise was subjected to a radical measure – shut down.

Three years ago, just when the fund was called into existence, financial experts spoke positively of the fee structure standing in fund service. Thus, Vinculum charged just 0.25pc annually, while a typical cost equaled 1pc per year for fund investments run by professional.

Additionally, Vinculum charged investors an extra of 20pc in case outperformance over stock is registered in comparison with the benchmark in the face of FTSE World Index. Legge explained the fees from a rational customer service point of view, saying that such action is way more reasonable rather than charging for underperformance. A savvy stock picker labeled the policy as a fund management evolution. Unfortunately, the evolution experienced a collapse as the fund contacts its investors, notifying of its closure.

The administrator of Vinculum, Peter Smith, in his letter to investors says that the fund is no longer economically viable, and the intention to shut down the fund is the only reasonable option available at the moment. Thus, February 10 was the day the fund stopped its functioning. It seems that Legge accepted the situation and make the decisive step to avoid possible financial accident claims.

The Basics Of Scrap Metal

A solid scrap metal dealer is highly likely to buy virtually any kind of scrap metal; however, if you are looking to plunge into the business, undergoing a basic training is obligatory. Let’s start from the very beginning – the definition.

The large class of scrap metals is typically represented by a variety of obsolete metal products, collected for further processing. Scrap metals are subjected to melting procedure, and once this sub-mission is accomplished, the materials enter the manufacturing line iteratively. Generally, scrap metal is characterized by the types of metal it consists of: the predominant material in the overall composition of the scrap plays the decisive role. Furthermore, scrap metal is divided into particular categories in accordance with physical characteristics and chemical composition, the content of carbon or the amount of alloying elements.

Therefore, there are several categories to steel and iron scrap metals (stainless steel, cast iron, etc.), non-ferrous metals (copper scrap and alloys, such as brass, bronze, red brass), aluminum and its alloys, titanium and titanium alloys (ship and aircraft wastes), magnesium scrap (waste aircrafts), lead (batteries, cables); semiconductor scrap (provided by electronics industry); rare scrap metals (alloys provided by high-tech industries).

Precious scrap metal category is comprised of gold, silver and platinum metals. Jewelry, catalysts, batteries, crucibles and chemical apparatus constitute the greater part of precious scrap metals class. Since metal ore is identified as irreplaceable mineral, the idea of ​​recycling and further processing despite of certain financial costs and the need for additional production facilities, is absolutely crucial for both the environment and the economy as a whole.

Choosing A Maternity Wedding Dress Properly

Pregnant brides have their own special charm and there is no reason in abandoning the idea of celebration and wearing an elegant wedding dress because of a rounded tummy. Mentioned below is a couple of tips on how to choose a wedding dress properly and enjoy one of the best days in your life.

Wedding dress must be comfortable and figure-flattering, plus it should reflect your personality and make you squeal with delight when you wear it. Remember, that your baby will have enough stress when relieving the exciting moments with you, so you should at least make him or her feel comfortable in your belly. Therefore, you should avoid squeezing your tummy by any means to make your pride, your future and your most beloved one feel comfortable.

Get rid of all the tiny details and accessories: frills, bows, buttons, and etc. – these tiny details typically make your attire look bulky. Consider the dresses with clear and simple shapes that accentuate and decorate your figure. If you have long, slender legs, it is probably worthy to show them; feel free to wear a short dress, but do your best to find a golden medium. Beautiful shoulders should never be hidden – a top dress with a wide skirt is highly likely to suit you perfectly.

Pompous, imperial style holds its leading position firmly, as it remains the most popular style among pregnant brides. Imperial maternity wedding dresses are tailored with the waist raised to the level of a chest, with long chic sleeves that make the attire look attractive and harmonic. With a large V- shaped neckline you will certainly look more slender.

One Of The Most Flourishing Cities in England

Leeds is a prosperous city in the Northern England, West Yorkshire County. Standing on rivers Eyre and Wharf, the city is just 310 km away from the capital. Boasting eco-friendly environment (Yorkshire County is 65% covered with forests), Leeds occupies as little as 400 square kilometers territory and offers dozens of soigne parks and green recreation areas.

The climate in the part of the country where Leeds is located is mostly moderate, characterized by warm winters and cool summers. The city owes such favorable climate to Pennine Chain that protects the fifth city of England in terms of population from excessive humidity thoroughly, enabling the inhabitants to enjoy way dryer air in comparison with other regions. The temperature range typically varies from +3 in January and +15 in August, while the majority of sunny days falls on the period between May and September. Summer period in Leeds is considered to be the driest in Europe.

Surrounding areas

Leeds got its name from the large nearby forest – Loidis, and the first historical references to Leeds as a settlement have been discovered in the works of the English monk, dating back to the beginning of the 8th century. Since its very early days Leeds has been an extremely attractive region for real estate investments due to comfortable climate and a relatively safe location. Frankly speaking, the fate and history strongly favored Leeds. Initially, a ​​4 square kilometers area has grown to 40,000 square kilometers in just a couple of decades. The devastating expedition of William the Conqueror spared the area, because Leeds host was acquainted with the monarch personally and found himself among the faithful vassals. Therefore, the entire population of Leeds and all its buildings remained intact. Today you can enjoy the picturesque architectural scenes of Leeds with old houses erected in the beginning of the 11th century.

The history of the city

Another interesting historical fact is that Richard II was detained after the coup in the castle of Leeds. Economic development of the city at the beginning of its existence grew exponentially due to its advantageous location at the crossing of the river Ayr. Leeds city treasury was constantly replenished with taxes for overcoming the river at this point. However, in the middle ages of Norman dynasty domination the city stopped flourishing. As the population kept on increasing, more wooden houses were built, whereas an overwhelming majority of homes in those days were built of stone.

When the Tudors came to power an economic growth experienced a second birth: it took several decades for the new rulers to restore the former glory. A series of manufacturing transformations has resulted in a shift from agriculture to tailoring, and the products have managed to find a ready market. The income boost gave birth to the first educational institution of Leeds.

Visiting Leeds

Leeds provides you with numerous attractions: from ancient architectural complexes to brand new trading centers, trendy outlets, night clubs and golf courses. You will hardly experience any accommodation issue as there are dozens of Hotels in Leeds for any taste, however, if you are looking for a more cost efficient option, you will definitely appreciate a wide selection of Serviced Apartments Leeds.

The Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning in Distillery Industry

Distillery industry requires particularly close attention to the quality of the components for ​​spirituous beverages production, as well as the quality of glass containers in which they are bottled. The use of modern ultrasound technology allows achieving excellent results in containers cleaning that exceed any quality standards. Therefore, distillery companies can derive juicy benefits from using ultrasound equipment adjusted to particular demands.

Bottle washing machines allow solving one of the most crucial problems in distillery industry – inner surface of glass containers leaching under the influence of alcohol-containing product. This effect occurs because of poor quality glass surface, damaged by incorrect storage of container. Ultrasonic treatment of glass containers in a weak solution of hydrochloric acid at room temperature contributes to a full recovery of the glass surface, if the initial ratio of water resistance does not exceed 0.6 ml of 0.01 N HCl. The quality of the recovered surfaces is confirmed by storing alcoholic solutions for long periods of time under different climatic conditions.

Bottle washing machines – extra advantages

Bottle washing machines are also used for refillable containers cleaning. To remove the salt deposits in the bottle washing machines use acidic solutions, while removing a range of other contaminants implies using alkaline. Implanting ultrasonic cleaning in distillery manufactures contributes to a 100% increase in reusable packaging cleaning and a significant productivity growth.

Ultrasonic Cleaners can significantly intensify the process of extraction, resulting in rapid obtaining of high-quality extracts for the production of alcoholic beverages. An ultrasound effect on the extraction is achieved due to improved hydrodynamic conditions of the process and an increased temperature of the mixture. Another process optimization method lies in ultrasonic modules integration in existing equipment (percolators, extractors and tanks for infusion).

The process of ultrasonic cleaning is also used pharmaceutical, food and fertilizers production industries. Ultrasonic effect helps to retrieve various aqueous, alcoholic, oily solutions, crystalline substances, and thick dry extracts, syrups, pigments, aromatic solutions, disinfectants and etc.

Hilsonic is a shining example of an innovative company that focuses on providing ultrasonic cleaner of quality second to none. Drop in at to get acquainted with the price-list.

Definitive Collection Of Moleskine Hacks, Tips And Resources

Ahhh, Moleskines. When it comes to creatively-minded people, they are viewed right up there with Apple Macs and Starbucks. I’ve been using my own Moleskine notebook (thoughtfully bought for me by my wife to shut me up) for the last couple of months to doodle down thoughts and catch all my random ideas. What makes it so great is that it feels so sturdy and solid, and that makes it ideal for hacking and tweaking (try adding tabs or a pen holder to a normal notepad and it will probably fall apart). In short, it’s a quality tool for freelancers, entrepreneurs and productivity fans who like the lo-fi approach.

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My Top Writing Tips For NaNoWriMo (And Beyond)

NaNoWriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, is a great idea. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel throughout November, and the website offers help, forums, tips and encouragement to help you (over 200,000 people participated in 2010). The reason I like the idea of NaNoWriMo is it encourages people to approach the challenge of book writing by breaking it down into bitesize chunks – one of my favorite productivity tips. 50,000 words in a month sounds like a lot, but 1500+ words a day for 30 days is a whole different proposition.

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How To End The Multitasking Madness And Regain Your Sanity

In this age of instant access information, always available entertainment and bottom line obsessed business our time, energy and focus is always at a premium. It seems to be a common and accepted part of life that we need to multitask to keep on top of it all. The only problem is we aren’t actually very good at it…

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