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Month: February 2014

One Of The Most Flourishing Cities in England

Leeds is a prosperous city in the Northern England, West Yorkshire County. Standing on rivers Eyre and Wharf, the city is just 310 km away from the capital. Boasting eco-friendly environment (Yorkshire County is 65% covered with forests), Leeds occupies as little as 400 square kilometers territory and offers dozens of soigne parks and green recreation areas.

The climate in the part of the country where Leeds is located is mostly moderate, characterized by warm winters and cool summers. The city owes such favorable climate to Pennine Chain that protects the fifth city of England in terms of population from excessive humidity thoroughly, enabling the inhabitants to enjoy way dryer air in comparison with other regions. The temperature range typically varies from +3 in January and +15 in August, while the majority of sunny days falls on the period between May and September. Summer period in Leeds is considered to be the driest in Europe.

Surrounding areas

Leeds got its name from the large nearby forest – Loidis, and the first historical references to Leeds as a settlement have been discovered in the works of the English monk, dating back to the beginning of the 8th century. Since its very early days Leeds has been an extremely attractive region for real estate investments due to comfortable climate and a relatively safe location. Frankly speaking, the fate and history strongly favored Leeds. Initially, a ​​4 square kilometers area has grown to 40,000 square kilometers in just a couple of decades. The devastating expedition of William the Conqueror spared the area, because Leeds host was acquainted with the monarch personally and found himself among the faithful vassals. Therefore, the entire population of Leeds and all its buildings remained intact. Today you can enjoy the picturesque architectural scenes of Leeds with old houses erected in the beginning of the 11th century.

The history of the city

Another interesting historical fact is that Richard II was detained after the coup in the castle of Leeds. Economic development of the city at the beginning of its existence grew exponentially due to its advantageous location at the crossing of the river Ayr. Leeds city treasury was constantly replenished with taxes for overcoming the river at this point. However, in the middle ages of Norman dynasty domination the city stopped flourishing. As the population kept on increasing, more wooden houses were built, whereas an overwhelming majority of homes in those days were built of stone.

When the Tudors came to power an economic growth experienced a second birth: it took several decades for the new rulers to restore the former glory. A series of manufacturing transformations has resulted in a shift from agriculture to tailoring, and the products have managed to find a ready market. The income boost gave birth to the first educational institution of Leeds.

Visiting Leeds

Leeds provides you with numerous attractions: from ancient architectural complexes to brand new trading centers, trendy outlets, night clubs and golf courses. You will hardly experience any accommodation issue as there are dozens of Hotels in Leeds for any taste, however, if you are looking for a more cost efficient option, you will definitely appreciate a wide selection of Serviced Apartments Leeds.

The Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning in Distillery Industry

Distillery industry requires particularly close attention to the quality of the components for ​​spirituous beverages production, as well as the quality of glass containers in which they are bottled. The use of modern ultrasound technology allows achieving excellent results in containers cleaning that exceed any quality standards. Therefore, distillery companies can derive juicy benefits from using ultrasound equipment adjusted to particular demands.

Bottle washing machines allow solving one of the most crucial problems in distillery industry – inner surface of glass containers leaching under the influence of alcohol-containing product. This effect occurs because of poor quality glass surface, damaged by incorrect storage of container. Ultrasonic treatment of glass containers in a weak solution of hydrochloric acid at room temperature contributes to a full recovery of the glass surface, if the initial ratio of water resistance does not exceed 0.6 ml of 0.01 N HCl. The quality of the recovered surfaces is confirmed by storing alcoholic solutions for long periods of time under different climatic conditions.

Bottle washing machines – extra advantages

Bottle washing machines are also used for refillable containers cleaning. To remove the salt deposits in the bottle washing machines use acidic solutions, while removing a range of other contaminants implies using alkaline. Implanting ultrasonic cleaning in distillery manufactures contributes to a 100% increase in reusable packaging cleaning and a significant productivity growth.

Ultrasonic Cleaners can significantly intensify the process of extraction, resulting in rapid obtaining of high-quality extracts for the production of alcoholic beverages. An ultrasound effect on the extraction is achieved due to improved hydrodynamic conditions of the process and an increased temperature of the mixture. Another process optimization method lies in ultrasonic modules integration in existing equipment (percolators, extractors and tanks for infusion).

The process of ultrasonic cleaning is also used pharmaceutical, food and fertilizers production industries. Ultrasonic effect helps to retrieve various aqueous, alcoholic, oily solutions, crystalline substances, and thick dry extracts, syrups, pigments, aromatic solutions, disinfectants and etc.

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