Ahhh, Moleskines. When it comes to creatively-minded people, they are viewed right up there with Apple Macs and Starbucks. I’ve been using my own Moleskine notebook (thoughtfully bought for me by my wife to shut me up) for the last couple of months to doodle down thoughts and catch all my random ideas. What makes it so great is that it feels so sturdy and solid, and that makes it ideal for hacking and tweaking (try adding tabs or a pen holder to a normal notepad and it will probably fall apart). In short, it’s a quality tool for freelancers, entrepreneurs and productivity fans who like the lo-fi approach.

Inside this post you’ll find links to a wealth of tips, tricks, hacks, modifications, recommendations and imaginative uses for your Moleskine (now updated for 2011!)… but if by some chance I’ve missed something out, please let me know about it! Also, why not share how you use yours?