Moleskine has introduced their notebook device that exactly mirrors a branded notebook. From 2012 August, Moleskine and Evernote associated together to manufacture a digital notebook. The notebook has stickers and pages for syncing with the Smartphone. Nowadays we can’t describe our modern life without smartphones, that is why many processes became more easily to do. For example if you want to amuse yourself, you can drop into popular website ValleyGames and choose your online casino, instead of searching for a gambling house. Or to order food, or shopping, or whatever. But some people find it more practical to use paper notebooks. Well, let’s see what moleskine can offer.

1. Partition The Sections Using Tabs

The best feature of a Moleskine apart from the pen is its Post-It divider tab. It is sold as a set of three colors for each set. The tabs have funky patterns and can be utilized to make different sections in your Moleskine. It gives a separate space used for multiple purposes and can be accessed quickly.

The three standard sections in Moleskine are the Task section in Front, Project Section in middle and Notes section at the end. But the trick is you can use your Moleskine based on your need. For example, use the task section as the reference section or even a record section to list down the details about what you checked out in your bookstore.

Use the tabs to personalize the way you wish to.

2. Work From “back-to-front”

You can make use of Moleskine to make a note of all inputs you gathered during the day. You can plan to record them in detail when you’re free. At such times just record your thoughts from the back to the front. You can easily bookmark the page. Also, use Flags or Post-It tab to mark the pages that you have completed transferring to your system. This way, you can organize things in a better way. Your system will always have information that is correctly formatted. Use Moleskine in a friendly manner and make a note of all the inputs.

3. Numbering Pages

It may sound silly numbering pages. But, it has proved to be very useful. Know that numbering the pages will help you to review old data quickly. Just mention the page number and continue to the next page. It makes life simple to refer using page numbers. Next, you can create an index in Moleskine and incorporate even more quickly using page numbers.

4. Make Use Of Templates

Moleskines that are blank can become messy. Just, cut a small piece of gridded index appropriate to the Moleskine size and paste them behind the page currently you work upon. Since it is gridded, the lines will act as a guide and use those pages for any particular task. You can refer again without any difficulty. Going one step forward, you also create templates and print them to paste instead of grid lines. The template glued pages can help you navigate through the page. Use different templates for distinct purposes.

5. Insert a Pen

When you try clipping off pen to cover it can quickly fall. Make use of an electrical or duct tape and insert a pen to the spine. Place the pen on the back side of the Moleskine. Paste a tape and add the pen into it. You can ensure that it does not fall. You can use the pen as, and when required and securely place it inside the slot you created with the tape. It does not fall, and you can carry a pen always with you to take notes.

Are you feeling good to read the Moleskine hacks? Just make use of these tips to use your Moleskines efficiently.