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The introduction

The essay starts from introduction, where the nature and rationale for the selection of the topic is described; the part consists of a number of components associated logically and stylistically. At this stage it is important to formulate a question to which you are going to find the answer.

When working on the introduction answer the following questions: ‘Do I have to give definitions of terms relating to calls made in an essay?’, ‘Why is a topic that I cover is important at the moment?’, ‘What concepts will be involved in my reasoning on theme?’, ‘Can I split a topic into smaller sub-topics?’ For example, when working on the theme of ‘European Post World War Economy’ as a subtopic one can formulate the following question: ‘What are the signs typical of the period for the economy?’

The main part

The main part is comprised of the theoretical basis of the selected problem and the main issues. This part involves the development of reasoning and analysis, as well as the rationale for them, based on available data, arguments and positions on this issue. The main content is put here and this is the most challenging part. The subtitles are absolutely vital since basing on them the reasoning is structured; here the proposed arguments/analysis should be justified (logically, using data or rigorous arguments). As an analytical tool, graphs, charts and tables can be used.

During construction, the essay must be remembered that one paragraph should contain only one statement and relevant evidence, supported by graphics and illustrative material. Consequently, the sections within a particular part must be limited to considering one main thought.

The conclusion

Conclusion implies summarizing and reasoning findings and specifying their field of application. The part summarizes an essay or indicates explanations once again and reinforces the meaning and significance of the main body. Methods to be used for compiling the report: repetition, illustration, quoting and making an impressive statement. The conclusion may contain a very important element of complementary essay – an indication of the application (implication) study, without excluding other relationship problems.