If not to go into details, then VPN (Virtual Private Network) it is the service providing a connection between the set of networks with the exchange of ciphered data and substitution of the real IP address of the user’s device and the server which is placed far off.

All of this is sounds pretty boring and not especially interesting. Yeah? But in practice, it is the very useful and important technology which will help you to save anonymity and confidentiality inside the Network.

Safe access to home or working network from everywhere

The VPN is extremely important technology for those who have no opportunity to be connected to the office network because of being outside of working place (while being on vacation or on a business trip) but with the need for access to files on this network. Common Internet users are using VPN for the same reasons – if remote access to the local area network or the home PC if necessary.

But why the VPN connection is such useful? The VPN it is excellent for means of safe using the Internet, in particular, if access is made through the generally available unprotected point. There is a high probability that with a connection to free Wi-Fi point, you put at risk own personal data. But many experts saying that use of VPN will reduce the probability of stealing of your personal information to zero. Hackers and other interested persons won’t be able to get access to the ciphered information. They will only see that connection is protected by VPN, and your precious data will remain in complete confidentiality. If you still don’t use these services, then it will be useful to explore VPN service benefits on the Anta.NET or another theme-based website where you will be able to find all information needed.

To avoid censorship and online detection

The relation to this function was created not absolutely unambiguous because thanks to it users can remain undetected in network and bypass government censorship. If you approve the solution of the state concerning access to certain content or not, but for such prohibitions there are complete legal causes. Besides, there are already known precedents in which police found the use of VPN ciphering for illegal actions. For this reason the government of such countries as France and Germany plans to get access to ciphered data at the legislative level if for this purpose there are all bases.

Now you can watch the favorite telecasts online at any place of Earth

This is a sphere in which VPN is used most often. A huge number of users worldwide mostly use this technology only for entertaining purposes. Many magnates of media entertainments as YouTube, Netflix and Hulu using special mechanism by which some content is available only in the territory of the certain country. It is connected often with the legal requirements based on laws which are written till an Internet era at present aren’t absolutely urgent. Therefore, for the bypassing them you should have no compunctions.

The Netflix Company situation can be cited as an example to understand this question. Some people say that fight against uncontrollable access through VPN is conducted only “for the show”. This is based on the fact that for the company it is profitable to get money from the distributor of content. But at the same time with the blocking of content the circle of clients can be narrowed and that won’t be profitable to the business. The figures speak for themselves. In the USA with the Netflix service you can view about 7 thousand programs while in Great Britain it is only a little more than 4 thousand. But in the majority of countries access to content is even more limited or just absent at all.

The fight between the Netflix and VPN has lasted for a long time, but everyone understands that it is useless. Words of the chief product officer of the Netflix Company only confirm that as he declared not so long ago that this situation is similar to the game of “tag”.